Product liability is a term we frequently hear yet we have little understanding to what it really means. It is imperative that we know our rights as citizens and consumers. One way to acknowledge that is by knowing what product liability is. Product liability is an area of law that directly hold manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, retailers, and others who make product available in the market liable for any injuries that their product might cause.

A manufacturer is supposed to ensure that their products are safe at all costs. If any of their products lead to any injuries to any person that bought them, the company is accountable for damages caused. This concept is adopted worldwide to ensure not safe merchandise.

Despite extensive research of manufacturers, there will always be some defects in their products. Whether it is in the factory or faulty research, there is always a defect. In line with this, manufacturers have devised a plan to avoid lawsuits in product liability. For example, cigarette manufacturers purposely indicate in their packages that smoking is dangerous for your health. Hence, if any person suffers from lung cancer because of cigarettes, manufacturers are not held accountable because they have acted responsibly by putting a warning sign in your products. But there are a lot more factors in product liability, thus the necessity of a product liability attorney.

Product liability attorney, as the name suggest, specialize in product liability law. Because manufacturers have devised so many ways to avoiding major lawsuits, it is really hard to hold a company liable nowadays. But product liability attorney constantly studies to find loopholes in the manufacturers’ methods. For example, a certain brand of super glue produced a product that is said to have the sticking power that is strong enough to hold a person hanging from a ceiling. A person then tries this theory himself and ended up with a broken neck. Although the manufacturer did not tell this person to do this, the product implied that this could be one of its uses. Therefore, the person will be more likely to win this case.

But unfortunately, major manufacturing companies hired top notch lawyers to protect them. That is why when hiring a good product liability attorney, you should consider his qualifications and assess whether or not he is qualified and capable for the job. Ask referrals from friends, co-workers or other lawyers for you to find the best person. If you found him ask him where he went to law school, what is his mode of payment, who his past clients were, etc. to make sure that you are getting the best product liability attorney. Remember that manufacturers will do anything to protect themselves from having to pay large sums of money for settlements, so getting the best product liability attorney will increase your chances in winning.

Basically, the product liability law is intentionally designed to protect consumers and forcing manufacturers to create safer products. The product liability law exists to protect the consumer by making manufacturers create good products. If you don’t exercise your rights, these companies will get away with irresponsible production of goods that causes injuries to people. This should not happen. So getting a good product liability attorney will increase your chances in exercising your rights.