Many children grow up with nice memories of long Sunday afternoons spent with their grandparents. These lazy days offer a respite from the frantic pace of their parent’s lives juggling work and school and all the rest. But what if those moments stood to be taken away from you?

The complexities of a divorce are not just relegated to the immediate family. While the spouses and children may be the central figures, there are other family members that have visitation rights too. Grandparents are largely ignored in divorce proceedings, but their rights to visit their grandchildren matter and should be considered during a divorce.

If you are a grandfather or grandmother with grandchildren subject to a divorce proceeding between your child and their spouse, you should think about contacting a grandparent access lawyer. The state of Texas has enacted grandparent access laws that have stood for nearly 20 years to help aid grandchildren and grandparents as they seek to reconnect in the wake of a painful divorce.

Grandparent access lawyers utilize the groundwork provided by the state of Texas, to assure Grandparents that they can have equal opportunity to see their grandchildren in spite of their immediate child’s divorce. Grandparent access lawyers know that grandparents are crucial to the development of a child, and fight hard for your rights.

Many divorces end because both parties are at fault. And while many of those faults are very human, some of those faults can be detrimental to the child at the center of the divorce. Grandparent access lawyers know that many men and women are unfit to be parents, and that the secondary option of a grandfather or grandmother might be the best thing for the child.

Should a divorced husband or wife have a substance abuse problem, financial woes or, god forbid, be abusive, a grandparent access lawyer can help sort out the best option for the child based on pre existing law and the evidence provided.

Obviously it’s seldom that both parties in a divorce are unfit, but sometimes it only takes one bad parent to ruin the proceedings. An ex husband or ex wife, might pass away unexpectedly, leaving a child, or children to be left to a ex spouse that does not want to care for the children, thus making grandparents the next option.

While one child might be easily managed for a grandparent, several children might be problematic. Should a grandparent be granted custody of a child, and not have enough money saved over (as many elderly people in America are retired with a fixed income) then a grandparent access lawyer can try and help work out a solution amongst other family members.

Grandparent access lawyers bring a highly specialized skill set and are hired to mediate disputes between grandparents and their children and the court using very specific legal arguments. If you have a grandchild that is subject to a divorce you do not have to be subject to the whims of other people. You can in fact protect your interest in your grandchild with a grandparent access lawyer.