Getting married and starting a new life with that special someone is a huge step. Every year, young couples in Galveston, Texas decide to take the leap. But often young couples’ happiness and excitement can get the better of them, and they find themselves at a loss for words when the reality doesn’t meet their expectations.

In Galveston, Texas divorce has become increasingly common as the strain of modern life catches up with these young couples. They say, “breaking up is hard to do”, but it becomes exponentially harder when your coupling is recognized by the state and harder still if you don’t plan ahead.

If you or someone you know is thinking about getting married in Galveston, Texas, contact a Galveston family lawyer, like those found at Alston & Engelhapt, PLLC before in order to understand the possible legal consequences of your decision. The lawyers at Alston & Englehapt, PLLC have two locations in the Houston and Galveston area and have the experience necessary to be there for you in every stage of your marriage.

Whether that’s through a prenuptial agreement, annulment, divorce mediation or divorce litigation; a Galveston family lawyer like the attorneys at Alston & Engelhapt, PLLC, are there to help.

Though it may seem negatively presumptuous to ask your significant other to sign a prenuptial agreement, it might prove worth it later. Prenuptial agreements can help both parties save on costly attorney fees and time-consuming divorce litigation by outlining exactly what should happen in case of divorce.

Such agreements are designed to help and not hinder. An experienced Galveston family lawyer will try to cover as many bases as possible.

For instance, the agreement could outline the proper jurisdiction for a divorce, should the couple separate and a husband or wife move out of state, as well as make it mandatory to go through mediation before both parties have to be dragged through extensive litigation.

Galveston family lawyers work hard to satisfy both parties early on, by preemptively working through the marriage estate and getting both parties to agree on the terms. All assets held by either individual could be subject to the marriage estate and the divorce, depending on the state laws and the terms of the prenuptial agreement (should one exist).

Besides a prenuptial agreement, many couples need a Galveston family attorney, to protect their assets in different ways like adoptions, name changes, and even elderly care. Consult with a Galveston family attorney to better understand your options and plan for your future together as your family grows and changes over time.

So if you or someone you know is looking to take the plunge with their significant other in Galveston, Texas, don’t hesitate to contact a licensed and experienced Galveston Family lawyer to help you prepare for your future and try to avoid the costly pitfalls associated with divorce. Because preparing for the future is not just prudent, it’s what is best for the family.