Divorce is an emotionally and financially draining period for any couple. In Galveston, Texas, as in many communities across America, divorce is becoming increasingly common and can leave lasting marks on the spouses and children at the center of the conflict.

Many spouses make the initial mistake of trying to do everything on their own, without the aid of a licensed legal professional. Quickly, they realize that divorce is not only emotionally taxing, but also legally complex. A Galveston divorce attorney, like the lawyers found at Alston & Engelhapt, PLLC, are integral parts of any divorce action.

Though a divorce starts with the spouses involved, it is not solely about the married couple. Children are often caught in the middle of divorce actions, and are even appointed their own attorneys called “guardian ad litem”. The court appoints these special attorneys, so that the child involved can have a say adding to the complexity of the proceedings, making a Galveston Divorce attorney all the more integral to the process.

A Galveston divorce attorney should have experience and knowledge in dealing with guardian ad litem to ensure your child the best care possible. A guardian ad litem can advise the court on the child’s wishes, and effect the outcome of the case, making negotiations between the ad litem and your Galveston divorce attorney crucial.

A Galveston divorce attorney from Alston & Engelhapt, PLLC, knows that, though children come first, your spouse is not far behind. Spousal relationships can either harm or hinder your efforts to draw your divorce to a close. Many relationships are so fractured that spouses can become emotionally or even physically abusive.

If your spouse has acted questionably or dangerously towards you or your child it’s important to bring this up in court (if not the police). The Court exists to find a peaceful and mutually beneficial outcome to your divorce and will base it’s decision on what has become public record.

The Galveston divorce attorney you hire will need to know if your spouse is dangerous to make a case to the Judge. The divorce attorneys from Alston & Engelhapt, PLLC, know how important such information can be as many custody battles get decided based on the spouse’s credibility.

Should you have questionable credibility yourself, it is of course in your best interest to be honest with your Galveston divorce attorney. Because if you have a felony record, your attorney will have to explain that to the Judge as it might hurt your chances at a fair outcome in your divorce proceedings.

In the end divorce litigation is complex and reliant on all parties and all variables involved. Make sure to obtain legal counsel to help you sort out any possible problems you may have as you try to obtain a positive outcome in spite of your divorce. The attorneys at Alston & Engelhapt, PLLC are here to help you wade through the complex process and will help you make the best decisions possible for your family.