When a loved one is incapacitated in a hospital the gut wrenching feeling that you may lose that person as an element in your life is a frightening thing. And the painful emotions that can come over a person in that scenario can cloud a person’s judgment. But when you are the healthy person standing beside the hospital bed, you have to be ready to act, and you need the ability to do so.

That’s why many elderly persons prepare themselves for the worst by drafting a Financial and Medical Power of Attorney just in case. A financial and medical power of attorney is issued by a “principal” to a chosen agent who is expected to act with the principal’s best interest in mind, just in case he or she is incapacitated.

Agents need the freedom this document provides to make necessary decisions involving the principal’s health and estate. Many times hospital bills need to be paid, just to keep someone in the hospital for care. And when that person is in a coma it can be hard to make the decisions necessary to obtain monies to pay for their bills without a Financial and Medical Power of Attorney.

A financial and medical power of attorney also comes in useful when a parent or loved one is suffering from a debilitating disease that they cannot free themselves from. Debilitations like dementia, Alzheimer’s or even something less so like Parkinson’s, make a loved one’s life nearly impossible to live without some kind of help.

With a Financial and Medical Power of Attorney you have options where you otherwise would not. Doing something simple like picking up the necessary medication for your loved one can be difficult without the proper documentation. But with a Financial and Medical Power of Attorney you will have the ability to offer more substantial aid to your loved one.

While the medical problems arising from such debilitations are stress enough, the monies required to pay for treatment and help can weigh heavily on the family members that are left to manage things. Luckily, with a Financial and Medical Power of Attorney at your disposal, you will be able to withdraw monetary funds from the ailing person’s account to pay for their treatment.

Obviously such a document allows for a great power to those that hold it. And when a loved one is in dispose due to medical reasons, many times such documents are misused. It’s important to consult with a licensed attorney about the finer details regarding your Financial and Medical Power of Attorney, to limit who gets to use it and how they get to use it.

With the aid of a licensed attorney you can move forward through life and know that there is a properly assigned agent that will be able to act should something happen to you. Because some times we don’t have control over what happens to us, and need to prepare as much as we can.