Quite simply, estate planning will put your affairs in order, maximizing the benefits your assets can bring to you during your life, and to those you choose to benefit from your estate after your death.

However, when planning your estate there are many other topics which should be discussed with a trained and experienced estate planning attorney who can provide sound advice based upon your individual goals and circumstances.

An attorney can assist you in drafting documents to provide instructions concerning your wishes in the event of serious illness or injury, appoint somebody to take over your financial affairs if you become incapacitated, and give directions on how your estate is to be distributed. Done correctly, these documents will also save your loved ones a great deal of emotional stress and reduce the tax burden on your estate.

Estate planning should include your last will and testament, a living will, medical power of attorney, and a financial power of attorney. These documents should cover every eventuality and circumstance, reducing the emotional stress and financial burden for your loved ones.

The law firm of ALSTON & ENGELHAUPT, PLLC is an experienced estate planning firm, able to advise you and draft the necessary documents to insure your wishes are carried out and your estate passes to its beneficiaries in a timely and cost effective manner. Areas of practice include drafting of Wills (simple and complex distributions), Trusts (revocable and irrevocable), Living Wills, Medical Power of Attorney, and Financial Power of Attorney.

Our firm helps to plan the estates of clients located in Fort Bend County, Harris County and Brazoria County including Sugar Land, Missouri City, Stafford, Richmond, Rosenberg, Fresno, Clear Lake, League City, Webster, Friendswood, Pearland, and the Houston metropolitan area. If you have not planned your estate, or haven't updated it in the past two years, contact the law firm of ALSTON & ENGELHAUPT, PLLC now to arrange a free consultation.

Effective estate planning will maximize benefits to your beneficiaries, reduce or even eliminate the tax burden on your estate, and eliminate the cost and time delay of probate. Our attorneys can advise and help you plan your estate in the following areas:


If you do not leave a will, your wishes may not be taken into account, the estate may be probated introducing delays and costs to your beneficiaries, and guardianship may be necessary for assets inherited by minor children. To learn how to avoid these problems, click here now.


Trusts can offer a number of important benefits, including avoidance of time-consuming and costly probate, creditor protection, conservatorship avoidance, avoidance or reduction of death tax, savings on capital gains, retention of privacy, and control of assets during life and death. Click here to learn more.

Living Will

A living will allows you to communicate your wishes regarding medical treatment in case you become incapable of expressing them due to illness or injury. You may choose to make decisions now and include them in your living will or appoint somebody to make the decision at the time of incapacity due to injury or illness. Click here to learn more.

Medical Power of Attorney

Perhaps the most neglected issue in estate planning is the medical power of attorney. This document allows you to choose who will represent your interests if you become incapacitated due to illness or injury. This is different from the "Living Will" which can limit the rights of medical personnel to resuscitate or use invasive procedures to keep you alive. Click here to learn more.

Financial Power of Attorney

Similar to the medical power of attorney, the financial power of attorney allows you to choose who will manage your finances if you become incapacitated due to illness or injury. It eliminates the possibility of your spouse or other designated person having to ask a court for authority over your financial affairs. Click here to learn more.

To avoid unnecessary complications for your loved ones at your time of death, contact a competent lawyer trained and experienced in applicable Texas laws and able to help you plan your estate in the most effective way. Click here now to arrange a no-obligation, free consultation to find out how we can help you.