Every young couple gets married expecting to live happily ever after. High hopes for the continuation of a marriage without incident often leads couples to have children early on, believing that the newness of the relationship will continue inevitably. Though the thought is nice, life doesn’t always pan out the way you expect.

It has been said that financial problems are one of the main reasons couples get divorced. As children become part of the family, many couples find themselves under newfound financial stress and that stress can lead to divorce.

In 2010, Texas had a divorce rate of about 3.3 divorces per 1,000 residents. The city of Houston is no exception, with some of the highest divorce rates in the country. If you know anyone in the city of Houston that is getting a divorce, that person might very well need a custody and visitation lawyer.

In Houston, like any other place, many things complicate divorces: money, assets, the nature of a prenuptial agreement, but nothing comes close to the complication arising from the custody of children. This complication needs a specialized kind of attorney to handle the specific problems that might arise once the additional element of a child is involved in your divorce.

Custody and visitation lawyers, in Houston, know and understand the stress associated with a custody battle. The potential loss of the ability to see one’s own child leads many former husbands and wives into battles with depression. Adding a judiciary into the mechanic’s of a private family just exacerbates the issue, making a disinterested, qualified third party like a custody and visitation lawyer all the more important to the proceedings.

When arguing over a custody battle, many times personal hearsay perpetuated from both sides can dilute the proceedings and make them drag on. A good custody and visitation lawyer will help to cut through any unfounded personal attack and get to the heart of the matter, using argument and evidence that could allow you to see your son or daughter more often.

Even after a divorce is “settled”, it is rarely over. Because at the end of the day you still have to deal with your ex husband or ex wife, and rely on them to abide by any decision made by the judiciary. Often there is a continued need to have a custody and visitation lawyer on hand simply to reinforce a Judge’s order.

Divorce can change and embitter the parties involved. Costly litigation fees, and time spent bickering in public can drastically change how exes react to each other. It can also drive some to substance abuse, which could put your child in danger. A custody and visitation lawyer will be needed on hand to appeal any custody decision a Judge made based on new evidence showing that they could endanger the child.

So if you or your spouse is thinking about getting a divorce, make sure to get a good licensed custody and visitation lawyer. For the sake of your child and your peace of mind.